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What is a Stuckon?

Stuckons are repositionable labels that stick on the back of smartphones and smartphone cases. We make two different sizes. The first is a customized label that will fit on the back of any iPhone and most iPhone cases. The second is a customized label that will fit on the back of most smartphones and cases including all smartphones that have sold more the 1 million units in the past two years.

Why put a Stuckon label on the back of your smartphone?

Smartphone users are everywhere. Smartphone shipments will reach 659.8 million units in 2012 alone, up 33.5% from 2011. More people than ever are using smartphones on a daily basis. Stuckons helps your business reach into this market by applying your mark to smartphones. Think about when people take pictures, send text messages, browse the web, and make calls on their smartphones. During those very common smartphone tasks, the back of the smartphone is facing away from its user. This very simple and common occurrence can translate to more impressions for you and your business. More impressions translate to more customers, and more customers equals more revenue.

What else can Stuckons do?

Stuckons also use the power of QR codes to increase ROI and drive potential customers to your website, facebook page, online store, or your PayPal checkout or donation page. QR codes are matrix barcodes that can be read by free downloadable QR readers. Many smartphone users already have QR code readers, and all smartphone users can download them free from the internet. Below is an example of a QR code that will take users to the Stuckons facebook page.


If you are interested in Stuckons for you or your business, campaign, or special event then please visit our Contact Us page or if you prefer call, please dial 877-STUCKONS.

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